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We provide a patient-focused medication-assisted treatment program

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We Offer Need-Based Medication-Assisted Treatments

We understand that things might seem difficult and hopeless right now where you may not be able to imagine a life without opium. But remember, it’s only the first step that’s difficult. All other subsequent steps continue to get easier. We know this because we’ve been there, and we’ll support you every step of the way.

At Suboxone Clinic, our aim is to provide our clients with all the necessary support and tools to combat their addiction and begin the journey of recovery. Our staff is determined and passionate to help those in need of our assistance by navigating them through their darkest moments through our numerous evidence-based treatment options.

We don’t follow the same treatment plan for all. Instead, we focus on creating customized treatment plans because every individual’s opioid addiction treatment journey is different from the others. That’s why our trained and qualified team takes time to understand YOUR issues and provide customized treatment, including detox, inpatient treatment, support groups, and intensive outpatient treatment.

Opioid Addiction Statistics

Opioid addiction is a chronic addiction where people can’t function without opioids—medicines that are prescribed by doctors for pain relief. The opioid disorder affects more than 16 million people globally with more than 2.1 million people in the US itself.

Case Management Services

Our case management services help clients access all the resources and tools needed to recover from the opioid abuse problem. Research suggests that case management services can help patients recover quickly, with a lower recidivism rate.

MAT " Gold Standard"

Suboxone Clinic provides medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with professional medical help that is considered the gold standard. It’s the most effective and safest method for treating opioid addiction disorders.

Detoxification Services

The first important step in combating opioid addiction and treating it is detox. During this detoxification process, our medical professionals monitor the individuals closely as they go through the first phase of withdrawal. The detox phase lasts for about five days.

Top Rated MAT Clinics in Maryland and DC area

Smaller Groups

At Suboxone Clinic, individuals receive premium opioid addiction treatment at our clinics located in Maryland. To ensure our clients receive the best treatment with utmost attention, we accept a limited number of clients at a time.

 At Suboxone Clinic, we believe that the smaller the group, the better the service.

Plus, our clinicians maintain a strict open-door policy to ensure individuals can discuss any issue they might be facing during group and individual therapy sessions.

Personalized Treatments

We strongly believe that addiction is unique for every person as a result of previous traumas, life experiences, mental health issues, and more. Our master clinicians consider all these factors when creating a personalized addiction treatment plan for an individual’s long-term recovery.

Available 7 Days A Week


Suboxone Clinic uses advanced technologies such as video conferences, smartphone applications, web-based tools, etc., to provide care for patients while they’re away or unable to visit our clinic.

No matter where you are, our team is always available for you!

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